ACS Award Winners 2022

Angela Carter Society Awards

The winners of the 2021-22 Angela Carter Society Awards were announced at the Angela Carter Society Conference in Angers, France (and on Zoom) on 24 June 2022.

Best Chapter/Journal Article – Joint Winners

Martine Hennard Dutcheil de la Rochère (2021) ‘Angela Carter’s “Furious Laughter”: Baudelaire, Breton, Beckett’, in Jennifer Gustar, Caleb Sivyer and Sarah Gamble (eds), Ludics and Laughter as Feminist Aesthetic: Angela Carter at Play (Sussex Academic Press)


Natsumi Ikoma (2020) ‘Monstrous Marionette: The Tale of a Japanese Doll by Angela Carter’, in Mayako Murai and Luciana Cardi (eds), Re-Orienting the Fairy Tale: Contemporary Fairy-Tale Adaptations across Cultures(Wayne State University Press)

Best Student Essay – Winner

Silvia Storti (2021), ‘The Better to Eat You With: The Anthropophagy Plots of Fairy Tales’, in Giulia Champion (ed), Interdisciplinary Essays on Cannibalism: Bites Here and There (Routledge)